Management Committee 2014/15 ( 理 事 会 职 员 表 )

Management Committee 2014/15 ( 理 事 会 职 员 表 )

Saturday, March 25, 2006

13th Anniversary Dinner

Date: 3 March 2006 (Friday) Time: 8.00pm Venue: Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant The Seng Clan welcomed members and families of the Seng Clan to its 13th Anniversary Dinner. The President Mr. Seng Joo How and Adviser Mr. Seng Han Thong expressed their appreciation to all the members for their presence, participation and support. In his welcoming address, the President spoke of three changes taking place within the Association : Management Change A new team of younger members had been elected to office at the 13th AGM on 11 Feb. 2006. This is part of the ongoing process of renewal. Organisation Change The Association is changing the way of communication and organizing activities. This blogsite is one of these upcoming changes taking place. The Association also has an e-mail address . Image Change A new Logo will be launched soon to give the Clan a more modern and vibrant image. To create an identity, the Association intends to give each member a plastic membership cum privilege card.

Members and their families were served with a sumptuous teochew dinner. They were entertained by a team of young and talented budding singers who serenaded the night with their melody mandarin and english songs. The highlight of the evening was the lucky draw with shopping vouchers ranging from $20 to $100.

The Management Committee toasted members with their "Yam Seng" to wish all members and their families good health, prosperity and happiness. Going forward, the Association looked towards the active participation and continued support of all members.

(This report was contributed by Tony Seng)