Management Committee 2014/15 ( 理 事 会 职 员 表 )

Management Committee 2014/15 ( 理 事 会 职 员 表 )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Seng Clan 17th AGM on 18 January 2014 at the Dorsette Hotel was a historic event. A new President Mr Seng Chun Guan was elected to take over the helm from the outgoing President Seng Kok How thus bringing our leadership succession plan to the next level.

>Chun Guan is a pilot with Silk Air and is not new to scaling new heights. He pledged to pilot the Seng Clan to break new frontiers. Its certainly a good start to the year of the Horse as we hope to gallop to a successful and fruitful year ahead. Our heartiest congratulations to Chun Guan .We wish him 马到成功.

We proudly present the new Team under the able leadership of Chun Guan to serve you.

Management Committee for the term 2014/15
President: Seng Chun Guan
Vice Presidents: Seng Kok Cheng, Seng Chai Kok
Secretary: Seng Hong Nguan
Asst Secretary: Sung Yoon Chon
Treasurer: Seng Hoon Ee
Asst Treasurer: Michael Seng Miang Huat
Hon Auditor: Seng Kee Song
Committee Members: Pansy Seng, Seng Ting Khiang
Shirlee Seng, Richard Seng Soon Kia
Mary Seng Soo Cheng, Tony Seng Soo Boon
Jacqueline, Seng Shuyi, Chris Seng

Seng Clan looks forward to your continual support, collaboration and understanding.

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